About The Team

Youngstown State Baja is a team of engineering students that design, build, and test an all-terrain vehicle to compete in the SAE Baja Collegiate Design Competition.

About the Competition

SAE Baja is a collegiate competition series organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Every year, SAE hosts three competitions at proving grounds around the country. Over the course of the competition, YSU competes with their new cars in a variety of tests that push the vehicle to its limits. The competition is broken into two separate categories: static and dynamic events.


Static Events

Static events include our design presentation, cost report, sales presentation, and technical inspection. On the first day of competition, we compete in our sales presentation, where teams compete by creating hypothetical scenarios of entering a commercial market, pitching the hypothetical scenario to a series of industry judges. On the first day, our car also undergoes judging via cost, and our car must also pass our technical inspection, where judges scrutinize every inch of the car to make sure that it meets all of the competition rules and specifications. The second day of competition is dedicated to the design aspect of competition, where teams are given the chance to explain to judges what separates their car from the rest, what testing was done to drive decisions, and to point out any other innovations.